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Fidess Group is proud to present its Partnership Program with Search Placement Firms. These are candidate sourcing programs that are tailored to staffing firms and their needs. The programs can provide additional revenue streams and position the staffing firm as a one-stop shop for the end client.

We believe most staffing companies have the in-house capabilities to guide a candidate through the interview process, but do not always have the capabilities or resources to source candidates and resumes. This partnership is effective for the search firms that do not have the bandwidth to qualify candidates and focus primarily on developing relationships with clients.

Resume Sourcing Service

The Resume Sourcing Service supports companies that have a high volume of open positions. We source on-target resumes to the company’s recruiting staff, which can then reach out to the candidates and introduce a position to them.

When a client subscribes to the Resume Sourcing Service, Fidess recruiters search for candidates based on specific search criteria (radius of search, date of resume posting, etc.). For all solutions, the recruiters use advanced methods of scrubbing the internet, public databases, as well as Fidess’ proprietary database.

Contract Support

Many search placement firms wish to enter the contract job market, but don’t have the financial resources to bring a consultant onto payroll. Fidess has the capability to not only source candidates for contract positions, but also bring hired candidates onto its company payroll.

This payroll service alleviates the burden on small to medium-sized companies and allows them to succeed in the contract job market. For more information, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in sourcing contract consultants.
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